Solve your fleet navigation logistics with FleetNavi.

Happier customers

Let your customers choose the time windows for delivery. Get more predictable and shorter delivery times.

Cheaper, faster delivery

With the click of a button, create optimal multi-vehicle, multi-stop routes. Save gas, time and confusion.

Leaner business

Prioritize deliveries. Do all routing logistics and driver monitoring from your laptop.

How does it work?

FleetNavi runs on any modern browser. No installation required.

You add locations by clicking on a map or by importing addresses, GPS locations and other data from a spreadsheet or flat files. You can export generated routes for various GPS devices, print them, share them via email, etc.

See it in action


Realtime fleet monitoring

FleetNavi can serve as an easy solution for realtime fleet monitoring. All you need is a smartphone or tablet in the vehicles.


FleetNavi is flexible and can adapt to different usage scenarios. The operator has multiple fine-grain controls over the way routes are calculated.

Weekly planning

Create a schedule when you do not have specific orders, but know how many times per week you want to visit each destination.

And more...

We have the resources to provide on-demand development of functionality specific to your business. Please contact us.